Analysis – Captain America Shows the Flaws of Batman v Superman

Captain America: Civil War

So within the space of a month, we have two films from two competing companies based on the same premise and one was amazing and the other was a bit crap. So the question is what Captain America Civil War do better than Batman v Superman, and why did this make such a big difference?

My Review of Captain America: Civil War
My Review of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

The first thing is Captain America is the 13 film, and only now are they starting to get their main characters to fight each other. With BvS it is literally the second film in the series, Batman and Superman might be classic characters of cinema but you have never really had them interacting with each other before. Because of this, there is no history that gives the battle between Superman and Batman any weight, meanwhile, we have gotten to know Captain America, Iron Man and the whole cast so when they fight it means something.

The second thing is the reason for why they fight, because Civil War has not been released in the US as time of writing I won’t get into specifics but it is a reason that could drive friends apart, because it is one without any clear cut and dry good/bad side, and you understand why Cap is on one side and Stark on the other. In Batman V Superman why are they fighting? because Lex manipulated the circumstances? eh, it is a terrible motivation because Superman should have been able to solve the problem of where his mother is because it was already established that he can hear Lois for half way across the world.

If you title your film Batman v Superman, the audience will expect more than just a 5minute jump around some buildings and then bro out because both your mothers are named Martha. in Civil War, you get what the title promises. And because we should be wrapping this up some built points.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Story – Let’s be really honest here, Batman v Superman’s story is a bit pants, Civil War has a clear three arc structure that actually flows across the movie

Easter Eggs – You can’t build buzz if you just show people what all those symbols are, instead of getting them to discuss it online.

Competent Directors – The Russo Brothers just leave Zach Snyder in the dust, with their framing, and composition

Humour – Civil War among all the darkness know to take a moment for levity, not everything has to be serious DC

Repercussions – There were real repercussions from Civil War, while there was only one real repercussion from BvS, and even there they could not commit to that for the whole film.

I honestly want DC and the Justice League to do well, but DC and Warner Brothers show a consistent inability to stick the landing, and if you want to build a multi-film franchise you must be able to stick the landing or you will end up like Sony and Spiderman or Fox with Fantastic Four.

By Brian MacNamara: You can follow Brian on Twitter Here, when he’s not chatting about Movies and TV, he’ll be talking about International Relations, or the Solar System.

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