The Musical Scores of 2021 That Wowed Us

One factor that I will always look out for with a film is the musical score. I can get caught in the world of music, as it sits in my head in the days, weeks, months, and even the years that come. There is immense artistry in weaving emotions from music, having us slip into the world that is created, fear the oncoming dread even if we do know why, or rejoice in the triumph of that final victory.

Music charts the cinematic world, it guides us, it can lift us up, and it can crush our souls. This is its power. So without further ado, these are the musical score that moved us in 2021. Be warned that there may be some slight spoilers ahead for the films in question, and if you click on the titles, you will be taken to the full review. 

Dune. Image Credit: Warner Bros Pictures.


Weird and wonderful, full of mood and location, and then why not add a bagpipe for extra measure.     

Directed by – Denis Villeneuve
Music by – Hans Zimmer
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Encanto. Image Credit: Disney.


When the songs in Encanto hit, they hit hard, especially when they are not talking about Bruno.     

Directed by – Jared Bush & Byron Howard
Music/Songs by – Germaine Franco & Lin-Manuel Miranda
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Luca. Image Credit: Disney.


Guitars, strings, and accordions combine together to take you both back in time and to the Italian Riviera.  

Directed by – Enrico Casarosa
Music by – Dan Romer
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Minari. Image Credit: Madman Films.


Pianos and choral work combine to create a piece of almost ethereal music, highlighting the narrative’s profoundly personal nature.

Directed by – Lee Isaac Chung
Music by – Emile Mosseri
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The Green Knight. Image Credit: Amazon Prime.

The Green Knight

It is a musical score that is as happy in the ancient past as it is in the present.

Directed by – David Lowery
Music by – Daniel Hart
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And the Winner is!!!!! – The Green Knight

The Green Knight. Image Credit: Amazon Prime.

Another close contest between The Green Knight and Dune, but in this case, The Green Knight just edges over the top. It has a musical score that blends elements of Middle English with modern musical techniques. This juxtaposition highlights Gawain’s passage through the many vignettes on his pilgrimage to meet the Green Knight. It is at times mystical, and others unsettling, yet at all times compelling.   


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