TV Review – Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Therapist

TL;DR – It take a moment amongst all the shenanigans to really explore some of the characters.

Score – 4 out of 5 stars

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Therapist. Image Credit: NBC Studios.


There is a certain joy that comes with seeing one of your favourite shows come back from the brink, but there is also a little hesitation. Will they be able to capture that magic again? Will they evolve as a show or will they keep everything the same to keep the people who push for the reinstatement happy. Well, today we get to see a character have a major realisation about their past.   

So to set the scene, Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) comes to Jake (Andy Samberg) with a juicy potential murder. A Dr Tate (David Paymer) has come to them with a concern about some of his patients, for you see a husband had called him out of the blue and acted out of character and then they did not turn up to couples counselling. Meanwhile, a parcel was mailed to Amy (Melissa Fumero) that was clearly meant for Terry (Terry Crews) and Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) invited Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) and her new girlfriend to dinner only to get a surprising rejection. Now from here, we will be looking at the episode as a whole, so there will be some [SPOILERS] ahead

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Therapist. Image Credit: NBC Studios.
It puts Charles and Jake on opposite sides for a justifiable reason. Image Credit: NBC Studios.

Throughout this episode, we get a number of really good character moments that really develop all the cast, well everyone bar Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker). For Jake, the realisation that he has never had therapy even after everything that has happened to him is both revealing but also showing a key character flaw. For Rosa, you can understand why she doesn’t want the Captain to meet Jocelyn (Cameron Esposito), indeed both reasons she gives and having Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) making it clear that he just does not care what people think of him was a surprisingly confident moment.

There was also a really interesting mystery this week with the murder they have to solve. There are of course those comedic moments, like someone finally pointing out to Charles about how what he says is very suggestive. The therapist played by David Paymer was a delight, it was perfectly written for one of the best character actors working at the moment. It also played on the fact that both Charles and Jake had the right interpretation of the case given what they knew. Jake was right to be suspicious of the therapist knowing where the bathroom was. As well as this, Charles was right to point out that Jake is suspicious of therapists in general and this could be clouding his judgement.       

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Therapist. Image Credit: NBC Studios.
David Paymer is perfectly cast as the titular therapist. Image Credit: NBC Studios.

In the end, do we recommend The Therapist? Yes, yes we do. It is a solid episode that explores many of the characters of the show. It gives great comedic moments but also delves into what makes them tick and what could not be working with them. Well, bring on the rest of the season and the joy of more to come.   

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Credits –
All images were created by the cast, crew, and production companies of Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Directed by
– Rebecca Addelman
Written by – Jeff Topolski
Created by – Dan Goor & Michael Schur  
Production/Distribution Companies – Fremulon, Dr. Goor Productions, 3 Arts Entertainment, Universal Television, NBCUniversal & SBS Viceland.
Starring in Season Five – Andy Samberg, Stephanie Beatriz, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, Joe Lo Truglio, Dirk Blocker, Joel McKinnon Miller & Andre Braugher with David Paymer, Cameron Esposito, Fran Gillespie & Anna Khaja.


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