Movie Review – Kaake Da Viyah

TL;DR – A really interesting scenario with some memorable performances, but it could have been streamlined a bit and it could have dialled the zany back a bit.

 Score – 3.5 out of 5 stars

Post-Credit Scene – There is no post-credit scene

Kaake Da Viyah. Image Credit: Yogmaya Productions.


If there is one genre that I always find interesting, it is the family politics of conflicting generations. There is that divide between tradition and the future, people taking sides, and in the case of Indian cinema a good song or two. Well, today we get to look at a film that is just that as three generations try to use marriage to outmanoeuvre the rest.

So to set the scene, Navi (Jordan Sandhu) is studying and spending as much time away for home as possible because he has found his one true love Mahi (Prabh Grewal). That is because at home his mother Tej (Priti Sapru) and his grandmother Bebe (Nirmal Rishi) are constantly fighting. As Bebe never forgave that her son married Tej without her blessing. He wants to marry Mahi, but he is not sure how to break it to both of them, well the one day he finally finds the courage disaster strikes when he discovers that both his mother and grandmother have found wives for him and they are not Mahi.

Kaake Da Viyah. Image Credit: Yogmaya Productions.
Under the wrapping of a comedy is story about a deeply dysfunctional family. Image Credit: Yogmaya Productions.

As someone who is new to Indian and Punjabi cinema there was a lot as the film opens with an explosion of colour as lights and fabric flow onto the screen. It also took a moment to work out all the different connections as I don’t think the English subtitles helped. However, once it all fell into place and you worked out what was a dream sequence and what wasn’t what we got was a really raw family drama presented under a guise of a comedy.

There is a lot of raw emotion in this film with years of recriminations and pain built up between the different parts of the family. With each side forming alliances and sniping at each other over Facebook. It is a toxic environment, even before there are multiple brides at play. You really do feel for all the characters, well most of them, who are stuck in this situation as the two matriarchs refuse to budge even a little from their bitter feud.

Kaake Da Viyah. Image Credit: Yogmaya Productions.
While it does not all work, there are some strong moments in the story, and the songs are always a delight.

While there was a lot I really liked about Kaake Da Viyah, there were also a couple of things that I think held it back a little bit. The first is that it feels a bit overstuffed at times, especially in the lead up to the end. While the slow train wreck to the conclusion was, the film had to juggle so many characters that it lost some of the impacts. One example of this is Bootah (Harby Sangha) the disgraced layer/conman. Now he could be there as a traditional type of character that you have in this style of film, however, he was annoying when he was first introduced and didn’t contribute anything for the rest of the film. Also while I think they were using comedy as a cover to discuss some really important issues, they really could have dialled back on the zany a little bit. Those musical sound effects didn’t need to be there.

In the end, do we recommend Kaake Da Viyah? Yes, I think we would. It is not a perfect film in any regards, but it was full of interesting moments, great song numbers, and a compelling story.            

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Credits –
All images were created by the cast, crew, and production companies of Kaake Da Viyah
Directed by
– Rai Yuvraj Bains
Screenplay by – Prince Kanwaljit Singh
Music by – Bunty Bains
Cinematography by –Suneet Vats
Edited by – Sumit Gautam
Production/Distribution Companies – Bebe, UB Entertainment, Yogmaya Productions & Netflix
– Prabh Grewal, Nirmal Rishi, Jordan Sandhu, Priti Sapru, Karamjit Anmol, Harby Sangha, Gurmeet Saajan, Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Akshita Sharma, Sharzia Sethi, Saurabh  Bagga, Navpreet Kaur & Babbar Dhanjal with Sonu Kakkar & Raashi Raga.   
Rating – Around an Australia: M;


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