Article – The Oligopolization of the Video Game Industry

TL;DR – We explore the increasing Oligopolization of the Video Game Industry

The Oligopolization of the Video Game Industry

Overnight on the 22 of September (at time of writing) we were greeted to the news that Microsoft had purchased video game publisher ZeniMax. While the name ZeniMax might be unfamiliar to many, they own some of the most popular game development studios in the business. This includes Bethesda Softworks the home of the Elder Scrolls and Fallout and one of the original grand studios of the industry Id Software creators of Quake and Wolfenstein [1]. While the focus will likely be on the alleged $7.5 billion price tag for the publisher, this is also a chance to explore a troubling trend within global media and specifically the video games industry.

So let’s start by exploring that big world in the title and what it means. Oligopolization is the process in which a hand full of players gains control of an industry. You might be more familiar with an oligarchy which is a political system run by a handful of powerful players, but this can also happen in industry as well. We see examples of this across the media landscape. In Australia “News Australia, Fairfax Media, Seven West Media and APN News and Media, are estimated to account for over 90% of industry revenue”[2]. Also in 2018, Disney purchased then 20th Century Fox for $71 billion [3]. While this has been happening in news and media organisations, it is also occurring in the video game industry. 

The question is then why is this important? Well from a business perspective, video games have never been more popular with the industry heading towards $300 billion in revenue in the coming years [4], with one of the biggest games in the industry Fortnite making $2.5 billion in 2018 alone [5]. It is also crucial because this concentration of power on both the publishing and distribution ends of the industry has started to lead to industrial conflict with the current dispute between Epic Games and Apple being a key example [6]. All of this is showing why it is essential to explore and understand how concentrated the industry is becoming.               

With this, we wanted to create a diagram to give a visual perspective as too how this Oligopolization manifests in the video games industry. The starting point used data from Newzoo [7] as collating a list of the key players. This was then substituted data from open-source sites like Wikipedia to get the most up to date relationship analysis possible. This aim is to use these eight companies Tencent, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Take-Two, and Ubisoft,  as an example to show the increasing conglomeration of the industry.      

The Oligopolization of the Video Game Industry

The Oligopolization of the Video Game Industry. Image Credit: Brian MacNamara. Image Logos Credit: Their Respective Companies.

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