Moon Knight: Summon the Suit – TV Review

TL;DR – An intriguing opening, more tease than substance, which could be a good sign for the future

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Disclosure – I paid for the Disney+ subscription that viewed this series.

Moon Knight: Summon the Suit. Image Credit: Disney+.

Moon Knight Review

One of the best things about coming into Moon Knight is that I have absolutely no idea what to expect. With other areas in the MCU, I have some vague understanding, and when they finally get the X-Men running, well, that will be my jam. But for better or worse, Moon Knight is an entirely blank slate.

So to set the scene, at the end of The Goldfish Problem, Steven (Oscar Isaac) finds himself stuck in a bathroom with an approaching Egyptian jackal and, honestly, not a lot of choice as to how he will get out of there alive. In that last moment of desperation, he lets Marc (Oscar Isaac) take control of his body, leaving carnage in its wake. Steven wakes up the following day, hoping the last night was a dream. Which almost worked right up until he got into work and saw the carnage unfold.

Moon Knight: Summon the Suit. Image Credit: Disney+.
Steven’s life has started to fracture. Image Credit: Disney+.

From a thematic perspective, this episode confirmed several things while also raising significantly more questions. After several hints, we finally see the relationship between Marc, Steven, and Khonshu (Karim El Hakim/F. Murray Abraham) play out as everyone starts getting distinct personalities. This is good because it allows Arthur (Ethan Hawke) the perfect way to sow doubt in everyone’s minds about Khonshu, who clearly is a bit of a prick. How that three-way relationship will play out will be the core of the season, and I liked that we got things like different suits to help make each feel different.

While they were at Arthur’s London Sanctuary, we got to see some excellent set design. Blending the old with the new was quite stunning. Indeed, every set in the show has a grounded feeling that makes you know that they are lived in. It is also here where we get the significant action set piece of the show so far with a confrontation with a Jackal where we get to see what is happening this time … well, almost. Because only Marc/Steven can actually see the jackal, but the jackal is there, the crunching sound of metal when it crunches a car speaks to that. So you get a fight where one of the objects has physical mass, but as Steven and Layla (May Calamawy) fight it, you can’t see it. This created a fight that had a similar impact as the one from The Invisible Man, even if the tone was very different. 

Moon Knight: Summon the Suit. Image Credit: Disney+.
We also see Khonshu in all its glory. Image Credit: Disney+.

In the end, do we recommend Moon Knight: Summon the Suit? Yes, yes, we do. So far, the show has been solid, even if it keeps its cards close to its chest, and I am intrigued. But at the moment, I still don’t know if it has the legs to make it to the end, and nothing is really capturing me, even if everything is solid.

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Written by – Michael Kastelein
Created by – Jeremy Slater
Based On – Marvel Comics
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Starring – Oscar Isaac, May Calamawy, Ann Akinjirin, David Ganly, Karin el Hakim, F. Murray Abraham & Ethan Hawke with Shaun Scott, Alexander Cobb, Darwin Shaw, Miriam Nyarko & Michael Benjamin Hernandez.


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