Mapping The California Class from Star Trek: Lower Decks – Map-It

TL;DR – We map out every one of the starships in the California Class as they appear on a map of California.

Mapping The California Class

When naming starships in Star Trek, well, it can be a very haphazard scenario. Sure there were many named after famous military vessels from history, like the USS Lexington and USS Hood. Some are references to crew members on the show, like the USS Bonchune.   Other still are named after famous people from history, like USS Archimedes or USS Zheng He. Or the odd fact that the USS Enterprise is named after the Enterprise, which was named after the Space Shuttle Enterprise, which was itself named after the USS Enterprise.

Usually, the names are a scattershot collection of whatever writer is taking a swing at the universe and don’t fit into a strong theme. Well, with two exceptions. The first is Deep Space Nine’s Roundabouts, like the famous USS Rio Grande, all named after rivers on Earth, and the subject of today’s map, the California Class, named after cities from California.    

The USS Cerritos near Deep Space Nine. Image Credit: CBS Studios.

When we were first introduced to the California Class in the first season of Lower Decks, there was a question if this would be a one-off or part of a broader theme. The Season Three finale, The Stars at Night, answered that question. At this point, I should flag that there are [SPOILERS] from that episode below.

With this episode, our count of California Class ships hits 28, with nine shuttles named after national parks in California. Hearing all those names get thrown out in order, I wondered what the spread of Californian cities would be … so I mapped it out. As you would expect, given the titular USS Cerritos, there is a large grouping in and around Los Angeles. But from here, we get a spread of cities that span from the very bottom to the tip of the state.   

Click Here for full sized map

The only major omission seams to be San Francisco, but given that is the headquarters of Starfleet, and given the Cali class’ reputation, that is not too surprising. Now I am thinking that I have to do the Roundabouts as well. If you can think of any other maps you would like to see, let us know in the comments below.

Credits –

– The California Map we used as a base was created by NordNordWest. This map was shared under the Creative Commons Licence.

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