Mapping the Indiana Jones Trilogy – Map-It

TL;DR – We map the route that Indiana Jones took on his adventures in the first trilogy of films.  

Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Image Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Mapping Indy

Whenever I upload one of my maps, I ask if there is anything else people would like to map? Often I get some excellent suggestions. After I uploaded my Independence Day Map, I probably got the best suggestion [and well timed one] so far because with the new Indiana Jones coming out later this month, it was the perfect time to jump back in and revisit the old films. Also, unlike many films today, the Indiana Jones films know how to use a map.

Indiana Jones Map - America. Image Credit: Brian MacNamara.
Flying through the East Coast of America. Image Credit: Brian MacNamara.
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Mapping the War of 1996 [Independence Day] – Map-It

TL;DR – We map the carnage over four days of July in 1996 on Independence Day.

The Aliens arrive over New York.

Mapping Independence

Well, I had been feeling off, and when that happens, one of the best remedies is to go back to one of your comfort films. While everyone has their own list of comfort films, mine include Ever After, 10 Things I Hate About You, and today’s focus Independence Day.     

As I was watching the film, I wondered what the global extent of the attack would be because the film’s focus is America, but it was an international event, given what we can see in snippets throughout the film. I went through the original movie with a fine-toothed comb and any references in Independence Day Resurgence to get the locations here. However, this only painted part of the picture, and the novel of the first film differs from the movie in places, so that is an issue.

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Map-It – Worth-It – 2023

TL;DR – We map out every restaurant featured on About To Eat’s Worth-It

Image Credit: Buzzfeed.

Map-It – Worth-It

Over the years, I have enjoyed a show on YouTube with a unique simple premise, but one crafted to perfection. The show’s hosts, Steven Lim and Andrew Ilnyckyj, along with Adam Bianchi and others, visit three restaurants based around a theme like Breakfast Sandwiches, Korean Soup, or Fried Chicken, to name a few. Each restaurant is categorised into three groups, and at the end of the show, they all come together to see which was the most ‘worth it’ for the asking price.

In the before times, we put together a map of all the restaurants that the show had visited. However, with the announcement that this current season would be the show’s last, it was the right time to return to the map and give it the update it needed.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed.
There is so much amazing chicken in this show. Image Credit: Buzzfeed.
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Civilization VI: Leader Pass – Full Map – Map-It

TL;DR – Every single feature of Civilization VI (at the time of posting) in one Map, featuring the new additions from the Leaders Pass.

Civ 6 Mapped –

Well, back when I finished the New Frontier’s Pass Map, I had assumed that this was the final entry into the Civilization VI map series that we started all the way back in 2017. However, here we are in 2023 with some new additions.

To be clear, there are no significant updates, but that completionist side of me could not let it lie. With this update, several cities are being upgraded to capitals and some new additions to the city list, including the addition of Munich, which has appeared on people’s city lists for Germany since the start but is only appearing today.    

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Ellie and Joel’s Journey in The Last of Us Season 1 – Map-It

TL;DR – We chart Ellie and Joel’s Journey and the world of The Last of Us Season 1

Running for safety.

Mapping The Last of Us

I have fundamentally enjoyed the first season of The Last of Us and its romp across a ruined America. Knowing that we would start in Boston and end up in [spoilers] Salt Lake City, I wanted to chart their route across the continent.

To do that, I needed to update the North American map, given it needed to be the main focus, and for the first time, all the necessary state markers were to be shown. I was glad that all the episodes lined up with the geography.

I have noted every location visited in the show, as well as any that were mentioned in the dialogue. We did get to see a Fireflies map Kin. However, it is not clear what the locations on the map equate to. Are they radio towers, safe houses, or cells in QZs? We don’t know, so I have flagged them with an icon unless more information becomes apparent.    If I missed a reference in the show, please let me know because I want this to be the most complete map possible.

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Mapping Infinity: The Cartography of the MCU Phase 4 Update – Map-It

TL;DR – We continue our goal to map the Marvel Cinematic Universe by mapping everything up to the end of Phase 4

Mapping Infinity

Well, I didn’t expect to be back here so soon. When we did our map update at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home, I am not sure anyone knew just how quickly Phase 4 would be wrapped up. But with my odd need to be completionist with this Map and with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania out next week starting Phase 5, now was the time.

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Mapping Bullet Train

Brad Pitt punching a life sized mascot.

Mapping Bullet Train

Back in 2022, there was this odd film that popped into the world, Bullet Train, which took place on a Shinkansen travelling from Tokyo to Osaka. For some, it was their film of the year, but I ended up being much more mixed on the movie. However, there was one thing I was thinking about when I sat down to watch the film – is it geographically accurate? This is what we will look at today.

I have taken the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka before, so I thought this was something I could tick off in the cinema, but some of the station locations are shown very briefly or only in part. It took seeing it on digital release to nail this map down.

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Mapping The Troll Trek in Troll – Map-It

TL;DR – We map the route the Troll took in Troll

The destruction of a house.

Mapping Troll

Earlier today, we watched a genuinely delightful Kaiju film from Norway about a Troll being woken from its slumber and making its way down to the capital. We enjoyed the film, and you can read our full review HERE.

One of the things the film did so well was giving you an understanding of the geography involved with the travels, and after watching, I wondered – did that work in real life? You may think that is an odd question, but as a map in the future will show, that is not always the case.  

However, everything lines up here (even topographically if interested). With that in mind, I thought I would have a little fun and map it out for you. Of course, whenever I make a map of Scandinavia, I always forget about the fjords before I start, which is probably for the best because they would probably scare me off. Also, there are some spoilers for Troll, so view it at your own risk.   

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Mapping The California Class from Star Trek: Lower Decks – Map-It

TL;DR – We map out every one of the starships in the California Class as they appear on a map of California.

Mapping The California Class

When naming starships in Star Trek, well, it can be a very haphazard scenario. Sure there were many named after famous military vessels from history, like the USS Lexington and USS Hood. Some are references to crew members on the show, like the USS Bonchune.   Other still are named after famous people from history, like USS Archimedes or USS Zheng He. Or the odd fact that the USS Enterprise is named after the Enterprise, which was named after the Space Shuttle Enterprise, which was itself named after the USS Enterprise.

Usually, the names are a scattershot collection of whatever writer is taking a swing at the universe and don’t fit into a strong theme. Well, with two exceptions. The first is Deep Space Nine’s Roundabouts, like the famous USS Rio Grande, all named after rivers on Earth, and the subject of today’s map, the California Class, named after cities from California.    

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Humankind Cartographic Educational Database –

TL;DR – Links to every geographical feature mentioned in Humankind so you can explore them if interested

The Mediterranean Map

Database –

Back we I was working on my Civilization VI map, I started to document all the locations I was using as a basis for the maps, and on the whole, I got some great feedback for that Cartographic Educational Database. With hat in mind, when I was starting my Humankind map, I did the smart thing and put all this data together at the same time, rather than going back over it at a later date doubling up my work. It also is part of my sharing that fun that I got as I learned more about the world we live in.

Below you will find links to Cultures and their Cities, Independent People, Cultural Wonders, Natural Wonders, and Landmarks.

Most of these links will be to the relevant Wikipedia page, just because that is probably the most practical option for most people, but there are some links to other sites where it was the best fit. Also, while I have tried to find easily accessible links to every feature, some of them don’t have that access. There is the odd one here and there, as well as the whole Bantu city list, which you can see below. Before we start, I have to thank the Humankind Wiki for collating all the cities for me so I did not have to dive into the code.

You can see the Full Humankind Map HERE. So let’s dive into the geographical world of Humankind.  

To assist with searching, you can jump to

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