Map-It – Mapping the Impossible: Charting the Mission: Impossible Film Franchise

TL;DR – Today we chart every location visited on screen in the Mission: Impossible film franchise

Hunt jumps out of a plane, he jumps out of a lot of things. Image Credit: Paramount Pictures/Bad Robot

Today I had the day off work and thought it was the perfect time to pop in my Mission: Impossible – Fallout (see review) blu-ray and enjoy Tom Cruise running for two and a half hours. As Hunt and the team gallivanted around Europe and beyond I did what I always do in these situations and started charting it all out, and once that starts well itis best to crack open that world map and put it all down.

Now with today’s map, we have added all the places that Mission: Impossible has visited in the films, not necessarily where they were filmed. Also, my memory is not as good as remembering some of the details from the older movies and a lot of the synopses don’t go into the amount of detail that I needed, so I might have missed a couple.

Mission: Impossible Map. Image Credit: Brian MacNamara

Click HEre For Full Sized Map

One thing that you do notice, is that for an American spy, he does spend most of his time in and around Europe. Also Of all the films, Fallout has the least new locations visited, and MI:2 visited the fewest places with most of the film taking place in Sydney, though the multiple camera shots of the one motorcycle may imply otherwise.

Mission: Impossible Europe Map. Image Credit: Brian MacNamara

Click Here For Full Sized Map

So that is the Mission: Impossible franchise mapped out if there are any other franchises that you would like to see charted please let me know in the comments below.

Credits – The World Map that we used as a base was created by ‘San Jose’ which is shared with a Creative Commons Licence.   
By Brian MacNamara: You can follow Brian on Twitter Here, when he’s not chatting about Movies and TV,he’ll be talking about International Relations,or the Solar System.

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