Movie Review – The Wrong Missy

TL;DR – An interesting premise, but I don’t think the film ever lives up to it.    

Score – 3 out of 5 stars

Post-Credit Scene – There is a mid-credit scene

The Wrong Missy. Image Credit: Netflix.


We have all sent a text message to the wrong person before and had that mortified realisation, well what would happen if you had made that wrong text and didn’t know about it. This is a really interesting set up for a film that gives you a lot of avenues to explore. Well, one of those avenues is hard MA15 comedy, which might not be my first choice but here we are today.

So, we open in on Tim (David Spade) as he is meeting someone on a first date only to find that the women he has been set up on a blind date with is married to Roman Reigns. Of course just before he gets his head beat in his real blind date Missy (Lauren Lapkus) pops in to tell him she set it all up. Well, the first date deteriorates from there and includes a short sword, an escape out of a bathroom window, and a broken ankle. Well three months after that disaster he is running through an airport when he collides into a woman called Missy (Molly Sims) in an airport and they immediately clicked together, the first person since his marriage fell apart. Well the company retreat is coming up and his ex-fiancé Julia (Sarah Chalke) is bringing her new beau Rich (Chris Witaske), so Tim takes a chance and invites Missy to Hawaii … and I think you can tell from the title what happens.

The Wrong Missy. Image Credit: Netflix.
I found David Spade’s Tim to actually be quite endearing. Image Credit: Netflix.

Now, I should say that I found that many recent Happy Madison films to be a real hit and miss, well more miss. So there was a little trepidation when starting, but the film does a really good job of bringing this absurd world together. I think part of that is that this might be David Spade’ most restrained and relatable role. Considering where Tim is in his life, I am not sure what that says about me. Then that is juxtaposed with the sheer insanity that is Missy which is where the comedy of the film lies. When it comes to the comedy, there is one moment where you are going to find out the hard way if this film is going to be for you. If you think what happens in the plane is too much, then you are not going to like the rest of the film and that is a good point to pull the ripcord. It honestly feels like the film is trying to push people away at the start and it struggles on that first encounter.

Once the film actually gets going, it does start to have some momentum once you sort of see where the trajectory is going. It also helps that after a cliff dive it because clear that nothing has any stakes which is somehow a positive move for the film. I did find myself chuckling at some of the jokes and amusing scenarios, but not as much as they planned. Also props for using a tiger shark rather than defaulting to the standard great white.

The Wrong Missy. Image Credit: Netflix.
The juxtaposition with Missy is of course at the heart of the film. Image Credit: Netflix.

As well as the rough start, there were a couple of other things that did hold it back for me. On a production side of things, there seemed to be something off with some of the sounds, with not all of the cast on the same level and it becomes noticeable. Also, there are entire subplots like most of Sarah Chalke’s stuff that feels wasted and finishes with no real resolution. You can sort of feel there was a lot of stuff cut for the final edit, and it is not great when that is noticeable.

In the end, do we recommend The Wrong Missy? Well, as I said above, whether you find the plane ride hilarious or horrifying is going to tell you a lot about if you are going to like this film. I found it slightly endearing in some aspects, but not enough to recommend it. If you liked The Wrong Missy I can also recommend Good Boys.

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Credits –
All images were created by the cast, crew, and production companies of The Wrong Missy
Directed by
– Tyler Spindel
Written by – Kevin Barnett & Chris Pappas
Music by – Mateo Messina
Cinematography by – Theo van de Sande
Edited by – Brian M. Robinson & JJ Titone
Production/Distribution Companies – Happy Madison Productions & Netflix
Starring – David Spade, Lauren Lapkus, Molly Sims, Sarah Chalke, Chris Witaske, Jackie Sandler, Nick Swardson, Chris Witaske, Geoff Pierson, Rob Schneider, Jared Sandler, Jorge Garcia, Joe ‘Roman Reigns’ Anoai, Vanilla Ice & John Farley.
Rating – Australia: MA15+;


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