The American Boys – Movie Review

TL;DR – In this collection of short films, we get a snapshot of life, of stories untold, but nothing that really stands out.     

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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The American Boys. Image Credit: NQV Media.

The American Boys Review

One of the strengths of short films is their ability to give a concise snapshot into a world. You pick only a couple of characters and dive into their world and how it is shaped. While usually, you would release these films separately, you can also group them around a theme which is what the film we are looking at today did.   

The American Boys is a collection of six short films including These Things Take Time, Legend of Scotty Watts, Two Fish, You Can Play, I Think I’m Gay & Billy’s Blowjobs. All of these films look at different types of relationships, and as some of the titles would suggest, they look at the many different stages of gay relationships. Now because the film has grouped them as a whole, that is how we will look at them in this review.

The American Boys. Image Credit: NQV Media.
It explores the many different types of relationships and how they start. Image Credit: NQV Media.

Throughout the film, several exciting moments came to the foreground of relationships. Sometimes, they start too soon, sometimes they have waited for a long time, and sometimes they are just manifestations of different desirers being redirected. Looking at these many various aspects of the same phenomena gives a different look at it as if looking at the same image from different locations bringing out altered shades of colour.

One thing I should point out, which is both a strength and weakness of this film, is that all of the short films were created by dramatically different production teams. This means that there is a big jump in both quality and style from film to film. Many of these are university films with limited finances behind them, and that does kind of show in places. However, there are also those like Billy’s Blowjobs with noted actor Wilson Cruz and a bit more money behind them. But some of the other films struggle to stand out in that same way.  

The American Boys. Image Credit: NQV Media.
It also looks at surrounding issues like escaping a small town. Image Credit: NQV Media.

Of all the short films, I think I liked the first These Things Take Time the most, as it explores the genuine issue facing young people of finding surrogates for parents in the world. I could see where it was all heading to, and you really felt for kid throughout the film. We also get some good advice throughout this collection that infatuation is not reality, that the start of a relationship is a precarious time, and one should also beware twinks in combination with free drinks.        

In the end, do we recommend The American Boys? Well, that is going to be a very subjective thing. I think if you are interested in the subject material, there is going to be a lot there for you. If you are not, I believe the inconsistencies between the different films and some of the acting might be a stumbling block for you. If you liked The American Boys, I would also recommend to you God’s Own Country.

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Credits –
All images were created by the cast, crew, and production companies of The American Boys
Directed by
– Jerell Rosales; Prash Sampathkumaran; Antoine Dupont-Guerra; Anders Helde; Matt Chupack; Michael Hyman
Written by – Jerell Rosales; Prash Sampathkumaran, Ricardo Varona-Rivera & Mark DiBona; Antoine Dupont-Guerra; Dennis James Clarke & Anders Helde; Matt Chupack;
Music by – Stephen Spies & Kate Bacich; Joseph Fournier; Laurent Dupare; Bo Andersen; Graham Southern
Cinematography by – Justin Richards; Prash Sampathkumaran; Cristina Guzmán; Sean Bagley; Adriana Serrato; Matthew Halla
Edited by – Marie Lee; Zachary Antell; Yezhi Chen; Darcy Borg; Jason Piemnoppakao; Andrew Vasquez
Production/Distribution Companies – NQV Media
Starring in These Things Take Time – Zachary Arthur, Timothy Ryan Cole, Jason Heymann & Samantha Krull
Starring in Legend of Scotty Watts – Luke Brau, Morgan Price & Avery Powers
Starring in Two Fish – Aurelio de Anda Jr. & Jeremy Howard
Starring in You Can Play – Kellan Rhude, Carson Boatman & Cazimir Milostan
Starring in I Think I’m Gay – Miles Tagtmeyer, Matt Jennings, Rebecca Goldstein, Aaron Fung & Victoria Mele
Starring in Billy’s Blowjobs – Wilson Cruz, Jason Caceres,
Rating – Around an Australia: MA15+;

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