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TL;DR – We map out every restaurant featured on Buzzfeed’s Worth-It

Image Credit: Buzzfeed.


Much to my own frustration, it has been a while since I have been able to fly overseas and explore the world. As a way of at least exploring the world and its food vicariously, I have been rewatching Buzzfeed’s Worth-It for like the fourth time.

In the show, the team of Steven Lim and Andrew Ilnyckyj, along with Adam Bianchi and Annie Jeong, explore food from around the world using a very interesting formula. For example, if the theme is Hotdogs they will visit an inexpensive, medium, and expensive restaurant to see which is the most worth it for the given price (hence the title of the show).

Image Credit: Buzzfeed.
There is so much amazing chicken in this show. Image Credit: Buzzfeed.

Los Angeles Insert

Los Angeles Map of Worth-It. Image Credit: Brian MacNamara.
Click Here For Full Sized Map

We will start by looking at Los Angeles, the area that is the main location for the show as most of the team is based out of Buzzfeed LA. I had luckily expected given the nature of the show that I would need to create an insert for Los Angeles to be actually able to show where all the restaurants were. What I didn’t expect was just how big I would need to make that insert to have it not look like a complete mess, well any more than it already ended up being. I actually had to expand the insert twice, and even then it still got a bit crowded. It was also while putting this together that I realised that I did not explore LA nearly well enough when I was there last time. One of the reasons that I put the $ after each of the restaurants is that I wanted to see if when you mapped it out whether they would cluster together. Now, while there are some clumping in places, I was really intrigued to find that there wasn’t a clear delineation and that you could find good cheap food all over the city.  

New York Insert

New York Map of Worth-It. Image Credit: Brian MacNamara.
Click Here For Full Sized Map

The next most popular place they have visited on their travels is the Big Apple, where they have had decadent Pizza’s, exquisite Peking Duck, and mouth-watering fried chicken. They have trailed the full length of Manhattan Island and up into Flushing, Queens. While I knew they had visited New York a lot over the years, I had forgotten just how many trips they had made and once again ended up having to expand and then redo the insert just to get them to all fit.

Full Globe Map

Full Globe Map of Worth-It. Image Credit: Brian MacNamara.
Click Here For Full Sized Map

Well, now we get to the full map and you can see just how many different places the show has visited over the years. When putting the map together, whenever they visited more than three locations in a city I created an insert, which is why you get one for Honolulu and not San Francisco, but then that might all change with Season Six. One thing that is interesting is that the show has never been to Europe, which I knew about before starting, but I was not expecting that big plank gap in the middle of the map.

In the end, this was a lot of fun putting it all together, because I got to watch all the episodes all over again. If you have never watched Worth-It can I highly suggest now is the time to check it out, because, in at least my opinion, you will enjoy it, and you can watch all of them HERE.             

Credits –

The Banner image & Chicken Image were created by Buzzfeed.

The World Map that we used as a base was created by ‘San Jose’ which is shared with a Creative Commons Licence.

The Insert Maps were based off Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Oahu, Sydney & Tokyo maps created by City Council of Los Angeles, Dr Blofeld, Ilya Shrayber & NASA and are in the Public Domain or Creative Commons Licence.  

By Brian MacNamara: You can follow Brian on Twitter Here, when he’s not chatting about Movies and TV, he’ll be talking about International Relations, or the Solar System.

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