Map-It – Worth-It – 2023

TL;DR – We map out every restaurant featured on About To Eat’s Worth-It

Image Credit: Buzzfeed.

Map-It – Worth-It

Over the years, I have enjoyed a show on YouTube with a unique simple premise, but one crafted to perfection. The show’s hosts, Steven Lim and Andrew Ilnyckyj, along with Adam Bianchi and others, visit three restaurants based around a theme like Breakfast Sandwiches, Korean Soup, or Fried Chicken, to name a few. Each restaurant is categorised into three groups, and at the end of the show, they all come together to see which was the most ‘worth it’ for the asking price.

In the before times, we put together a map of all the restaurants that the show had visited. However, with the announcement that this current season would be the show’s last, it was the right time to return to the map and give it the update it needed.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed.
There is so much amazing chicken in this show. Image Credit: Buzzfeed.

Los Angles Insert

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For a show based in Los Angles, it would, of course, be where most of the eateries they visit would be. When making the old map, I had to increase the insert for the region twice, and even then, I only just fit everything in. This time, I came prepared and increased and shifted the map to give us the best chance of making it work. Now, I do not claim to be completely precise here, while all attempts at that were made. However, if we ignore downtown LA where a couple of liberties had to be made, I was happy with how the rest turned out.

It was interesting to me when I was putting it together to get a sense of LA, a city I have only briefly visited in real life. You would come across these pockets of restaurants that would give you a sense of the area. Ah, this is the upper-class section of the city, or oh, here is where Korea Town is. But more than that, we get these pockets of fantastic food where multiple and diverse eateries are within spitting distance from each other, sometimes even in the same complex, like the Saucy Chick triangle.

Full Map

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Coming into this map, I decided to keep the same rules as the last one and ensured that any city with four or more locations had their own insert. I didn’t realise that this would mean creating five new inserts on top of revamping the Los Angels and New York endeavours. For an understandably America-Centric show, they still did an excellent job of exploring most of the big players on the Pacific Rim and those they didn’t still have moments to shine, like the Filipino Pork series.

Putting this map together was also a fun romp back through time, seeing how so many things have changed with time, but finding new and wonderful foods to explore is always eternal. I have always loved the show and the wonderful rapport the host found during the show. It is a bit sad that it is ending, but I have enjoyed my time, and if I ever do get to travel again, I know of many places I want to visit to eat. Also, you can’t help but like a show that began and ended with white truffles.     

Credits –

The Banner image is created by Buzzfeed.

The World Map that we used as a base was created by ‘San Jose’ which is shared with a Creative Commons Licence.

The Insert Maps were based off Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Oahu, Philadelphia, Seattle, Sydney, Taipei & Tokyo maps created by City Council of Los Angeles, Dr Blofeld, Ilya Shrayber, NASA, OpenMapTiles, OpenStreetMap, Peter Fitzgerald, Winston Samuel & XIIIfromTOKYO and are in the Public Domain or Creative Commons Licence.  
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