Canada First Look and Analysis – Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

Wilfrid Laurier leads Canada in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm
Wilfrid Laurier leads Canada in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. Image Credit: Firaxis

Canada Bonuses 

Civilization Leader: Wilfrid Laurier
Civilization Agenda: 
Civilization Capital: Ottawa
Civilization Bonus: Four Faces of Peace – Cannot declare Surprise Wars or be the Target of one, + extra Diplomatic Favour for completing Emergencies (bonus extra based on Tourism)   
Leader Bonus: The Last Best West – Can build Farms on Tundra, and then latter Tundra Hills, Cost of purchasing Tundra & Snow tiles is reduced, Double extraction of Strategic Resources on Snow & Tundra tiles
Unique Unit: Mountie – Light Calvary Unit , Can Create a National Park, Get Combat Bonus being near National Parks 
Unique Tile Improvement: Icy Hockey Ring – Only can be built on Tundra & Snow, Only one per City, + Appeal & Amenities, + Culture based on adjacent Snow & Tundra tiles (bonus if next to a Stadium), +Tourism, Production & Food from Tech Tree
Mountain Ranges:Mackenzie Mountains,

Canada Analysis

Wow, look out Russia,you now have a big competitor when it comes to fighting over all those Tundra tiles you usually corner the market on.  

With this bonus set up, Canada is going to be a powerhouse of a civilization in territory that is usually overlooked by other civs unless there is a really good set of strategic resources nearby.However, like Nubia with Desert, it does mean that if there is not a lot of Tundra/Snow near your start well that could have implications with how well you do.

I did like that they focused a lot on Canada’s role as a Middle Power in the international system and their role as diplomatic norm entrepreneurs (See the Ottawa Treaty & the Montreal Protocol).It does mean that if you have Canada as a neighbour that your relations should be a little bit more stable as long as you are playing nice. But then that No Surprise Wars clause cuts both ways.

With the Mounties and the Icy Hockey Rinks,it does feel like they are slipping into the more gimmicky territory, but those cheaper National Parks will be a big bonus, and as long as you have Snow/Tundra you should get a big Culture boost.

Even though it is quite situational, I do like Canada’s bonuses and I think it will be a great new addition to Civilization VI: Gathering Storm.

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Canada First Look

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