Phoenicia First Look and Analysis – Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

Dido leading Phoenicia in Civ 6 Gathering Storm.

Phoenicia Bonuses

Civilization Leader: Dido
Civilization Agenda: Sicilian Wars – wants to settle coastal cities. Likes those who settle inland. Dislikes those with mostly coastal cities.
Civilization Capital: Tyre
Civilization Bonus: Mediterranean Colonies – embarked Settlers get +Movement & Sight, Cities on the coast on the same Continent as the Capital will always be Loyal
Leader Bonus: Founder of Carthage – Can move the Civilization Capital to any city with a Cothon by completing a Special Project, +Trade Route for every building in the Government Plaza, +Production to Districts in the same city as the Government Plaza.
Unique Unit: Bireme – +Combat Strength & Movement, protects near by Trader Units
Unique District: Cothon
Rivers: Litani River
Deserts: Tanezrouft Basin

Phoenicia Analysis

Today we have an interesting new entry into the Civilization cannon, as we have both a returning leader, but also a never before seen Civilization.

Carthage has been in the game since all the way back as Civilization 2, and throughout its history, in the game, it has oscillated between both Dido and Hannibal. Today we have Dido, but she is not leading Carthage, though Carthage is on the city list, but Phoenicia. Now, this is not the first time Civilization 6 has done this with Alexander now leading Macedon. While it is a shift, it does actually fit in a bit more closely with the history … even if Dido may or may not have actually existed, but hey if we can have GilgaBro then Dido is fine.

When it comes to Phoenicia’s bonuses there are some that are nice and some that are … oh wow … like wow … The nice is the unique unit that will give you that early game naval boost, which is both on brand when it comes to Phoenicia’s history but also feeds into its other bonuses. For example, you get a bonus to embarked settlers so colonising the world at the start via the oceans could be quite good and if you can get the Cothon up and running even better. Fun fact, this is the first time we have had a second unique district with both the British Royal Docks and the Cothon being a replacement for the Harbour.

Where we go oh wow … like wow is with how the civilization manipulated the Loyalty system. First the great is that if you have a city on the coast on the same continent as your capital they get max Loyalty. This is really good for those first empire pushes, and will mean that other civilization will forward settle you at their own peril.

However, more importantly, Phoenicia can move their capital city voluntarily. This means that you can use the Loyalty system to jump around the map picking off other civilization’s cities. Now, this could be amazingly good or only so-so and that is something that we will not really know until we playtest it. But I am really interested to see how it all plays out, even if I am seriously wondering how the heck to pronounce Lpqy?

Phoenicia First Look

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