Humankind – Features Post

Humankind Title Image. Image Credit: Amplitude Studios/Sega.

In this thread we will be documenting all the new additions for Humankind from Amplitude Studios.

TL;DR: You can layer from 60 different civilizations from history to create your own unique narrative. It will stretch from the Neolithic to the Modern age. In the end, the civilization with the most Fame will be the winner. Full of Humanmade Wonders, Natural Wonders, Units, and Buildings for you to construct.

Note: all images are created by the team at Amplitude Studios


The Civilizations. Image Credit: Amplitude Studios/Sega.

You will create your own Civilization by adapting 60 historical cultures into it. Each era you will pick a new culture with their own Emblematic bonuses, you also get legacy bonuses from your past cultures for the rest of the game.


Each Culture has a Trait that guides them in a certain direction

  • Aesthete
  • Agrarian
  • Builder
  • Expansionist
  • Merchant
  • Militarist – Can instantly raise Militia in your cities.
  • Scientists – Can set Cities into ‘Science Mode’ which converts surpluses into science

Ancient Era Cultures

Classical Era Cultures

Medieval Era CULTURES

Early Modern Era CULTURES

Industrial Era CULTURES

Contemporary Era

Unknown Era Cultures

Dutch – Emblematic Unit: Fluyt
French – Emblematic Unit: Capetian Knights
Germans – Emblematic Unit: U-Boat
Koreans – Emblematic Unit: Turtle Ship


You will not be playing with established leaders from history, but you will be able to customise your own leader to be the avatar of your people in a character creator.


Cities of Humankind: Image Credit: Amplitude Studios/Sega.

The map is divided into Regions and Territories, each region has several territories, but each territory only has one City. The game will start with some territories and you can amalgamate more as the game goes on.

Cities expand out from a central location as you build different Quarters and Buildings.


These will be territories that you have built an outpost on, claiming them, but you can’t develop them further.

They can be turned into their own cities later, or absorbed into a neighbouring city, but have to be defended


You can expand your city by building speciality districts.

Each Quarter works it and its adjacent tiles and will have adjacency bonuses that work better when surrounded by different parts of the environment

Farmers Quarter – +Food, +Farmers Slot on Settlement
Trades Quarter – +Industry +Worker Slot on Settlement
Market Quarter
Research Quarter
Commons Quarter
Defense Quarter


These are improvements to the city/territory as a whole and can effect tiles outside your city proper.

Animal Barns – + Food on Farmers Quarters
Alchemist’s Workshop
City Walls
Commodity Exchange
Great Fishmarket
Lumber Yard
Millstones – +Food per number of territories
Potery Workshop – +Industry per number of territories
Tourney Fields
Village Centre


Transport Caravel
Teutonic Knights

Human made Wonders

Large projects that might require several of your cities to complete.

Angkor Wat
Eiffel Tower
Hagia Sophia
Hanging Gardens of Babylon – Must be placed on a Luxury Resource, + Fame
Notre Dame
St. Basil’s Cathedral
Taj Mahal
Temple of Artemis
The Colossus
The Great Bath of Mohenjo-daro
The Great Pyramids of Giza
University of Sankoré


They play some role in the game, more can be unlocked in the tech tree

The Map

The Terrain of Humankind. Image Credit: Amplitude Studios/Sega


The height of the terrain changes factors like how hard it is to siege a city

There are three levels, flat land, hilly terrain, and mountains. Steep terrain divides create cliffs that can’t be climbed by units. The height also changes your view distance with is being blocked in valleys and being boosted on hills.

Humidity and Temperature changes effect terrain


There are 11 biomes in the game

Terrain Features

Flood Plains
Hot Springs
Rivers – Effect movement, give bonuses to trade
Rocky Terrain

Natural Wonders

Boost to Influence when Claimed; Boost to Stability and Money for the City located in this territory

Great Blue Hole – +Food & Unit Vision
Lake Baikal
Mount Everest
Mount Vesuvius
Vinicunca – +Food & Unit Vision


There will be luxury and strategic resources.



There are certain landmarks in the game (Longest River, Biggest Desert etc) if you find it you get to name it.

Humankind: Image Credit: Amplitude Studios.

Game Mechanics



There will be six eras in the game (Enchant, Classical, Medieval, Early Modern, Industrial and Contemporary.

You move from era to era by collecting Era Stars

When you move to the next era you can pick a different culture to run with, or you can chose to Transcend the culture you are playing with that gives them a bigger bonuses but locks you from the other bonuses on offer.


Polytheism – +10 Faith + 5Influence on Holy Sites, +5 Faith on Holy Sites
Shamanism – +10 Faith +10 Influence on Holy Sites


All games have the same unified victory condition based around Fame.

Fame is created through exploration, building, and Era Stars.

Era Stars can come from population growth, military conquest, or through building up money reserves. You could get one for researching a certain number of technologies or having a certain number of territories.


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