Civilization VI: Leader Pass – Features Thread

In this thread we will be documenting all the new additions for Civilization VI in their new Leader Pass.

Civilization VI Leader Pass. Image Credit: Firaxis Games.
Civilization VI Leader Pass. Image Credit: Firaxis Games.

This Features Thread is being complied for Civfanaticshead on over to the forums for all your Civilization discussions both for Civ 6 and also for Civ games of the past and upcoming 4X titles.

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Throughout this thread, I will put links to Wikipedia articles about the different features, if you would like to know more. If you see anything in ITALICS, this means that the information is implied enough that we feel it is safe to add it to the Features Thread, but it is not officially confirmed yet.

Leaders Pass Overview

There will be 13 new leaders and 6 updates to existing leaders released between November 21 2022 and March 2023.

For Windows PC, if you purchase Civilization VI Anthology (or purchase all of the content that’s included in it separately at any time), you’ll be eligible to receive the Leader Pass for no additional charge. For Mac App Store and iOS, the Civilization VI: Leader Pass is available for individual purchase only.

Pack 1: Great Negotiators (November 21, 2022)

Abraham Lincoln of America

Abraham Lincoln. Image Credit: Firaxis Games.

Civilization Leader: Abraham Lincoln of America
Civilization Capital: Washington
Leader Agenda: Preserver of the Union – Favors civilizations with the same type of government, dislikes civilizations that have different governments, and really dislikes civilizations with different governments of the same era as its own.
Leader Bonus: Emancipation Proclamation – Industrial Zones provide +loyalty and a free Melee unit with bonus strength when built with all buildings. Plantations provide -loyalty

Queen Mbande Nzinga of Kongo

QUEEN MBANDE NZINGA. Image Credit: Firaxis Games.

Civilization Leader: Queen Mbande Nzinga of Kongo
Civilization Capital: Kabasa
Leader Agenda: Decolonisation – Likes civilizations on continents where she has no cities. Dislikes civilizations that have a city on her home continent.
Leader Bonus: Queen of Matamba and Ndongo – Cities on the same continent as your Capital get +yields, -yields for cities not on your home continent.

Sultan Saladin of Arabia

Saladin. Image Credit: Firaxis Games.

Civilization Leader: Saladin the Sultan of Arabia
Preferred ReligionIslam
Civilization Capital: Cairo
Leader Agenda: Sultan of Egypt and Syria – Likes civilizations that have founded a Religion but not brought it to one of his cities. Dislikes civilizations that bring him their Religion.
Leader Bonus: The Victorious – Flanking and Support bonuses to Military and Religious Units.

Pack 2: Great Commanders

Pack 3: Rulers of China

Pack 4: Rulers of Sahara

Pack 5: Great Builders

Pack 6: Rulers of England

Bonus Content

Julius Caesar of Rome

Civilization LeaderJulius Caesar of Rome
Civilization Capital: Rome
Leader Agenda: Gallic Wars – Hates barbarians. Likes civilizations that clear out barbarian outposts. Does not like civilizations that ignore barbarian outposts.
Leader BonusVeni, vidi, vici – +Gold for conquering a city for the first time; +bonus gold when destroying a barbarian outpost. This is boosted after researching Steel.
Information: Free for players who have their account linked to 2K. Available November 21, 2022

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