Simón Bolívar of Gran Colombia First Look and Analysis – Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass

TL;DR: During the run-through, I gasped “That Movement” which is a good sign

We are getting a new expansion for Civilization VI, well not quite, over the next year we have a season pass, the New Frontier Pass, which will give us several new Civilizations and Game Modes over the next year (which you can find out more information HERE). The next of the new Civilizations that has been released is Gran Colombia, so let’s dive in.

Civilization Information

Simón Bolívar leader of Gran Colombia. Image Credit: Firaxis.
Simón Bolívar leader of Gran Colombia. Image Credit: Firaxis.

Civilization LeaderSimón Bolívar
Leader Agenda:
Carabobo – He favours civs with highly promoted units, dislikes civs with unpromoted units, and prefers to build Encampments.
Civilization Capital
Civilization Bonus:
Ejército Patriota – ALL units get +1 movement, Promoting a unit does not end its turn.
Leader Bonus:
Campaña Admirable – Grants the Comandante General – A special Great Person that you get at the start of each era that has multiple abilities, that can be used in military (damaging surrounding units), and in cities (extra Trade Route)
Unique Unit:
Llanero – Replaces Cavalry. Low maintenance, plus combat bonus for Adjacent Llaneros,
Unique Tile Improvement:
Haciendas – plus Gold, Production, Housing, Plus food for adjacent Plantations, Plus production for adjacent Haciendas
Rio Negro, Caura River, Caroní River
Guagua Pichincha
Médanos de Coro
Quito, Valencia de Carabobo, Cali, Cumaná, Maracay

There are some Civilizations whose bonuses shepherd you down a certain line, like Korea and Science, or Mali and their Gold. I don’t mind playing their more streamlines civilizations, however, I like Civilizations who have a broad range of bonuses that allow you to pivot in several directions. I think this is part of why I like playing Civilizations like Australia, Rome, or Germany. While last week with The Maya, we got a super-focused civilization, this week is anything but.

I brought up Australia because this is the Civilization I think Gran Colombia matches the closes in terms of gameplay, but even that is a stretch. What we get here is a civilization that is yes military forward, but can also pivot into nearly any playstyle. Their Haciendas are one of the most interesting tile improvements in the game so far, giving you a blended farm/camp/plantation on nearly every good tile. This can position your economy and boost the population of your cities. Also, their special Great Person can be used on the offence, on the defence, in times of war, and in times of peace. A lot of this might be tempered by them arriving late in the game however, one bonus transcends time and space.    

Gran Colombia’s Haciendes. Image Credit: Firaxis.

Where this civilization goes from being interesting to being instantly one of the best, or at least in the top tier of all civilizations is in its civilization bonus. At first, the ability to move after promoting can come in super handy and that is a nice touch. However, that movement, goodness that movement. This speeds everything about the game up, getting that settler to the city spot, moving your scouts around to find goody huts, getting your artillery into position to fire. This is an enormous bonus, and one that makes me want to instantly play them, and possible regret finding them near me, maybe even more than Macedonia with Alexander the Great.

The other high point in this first look is the music, one of Civilization 6’s strengths has been the music that adapts and changes throughout the ages. From just the snippets I have heard, I already know that this will be one of my favourite compositions. I will say that something about the leader animations didn’t seem quite right to me, something about the flow, but that is not a major deal. Well, I think I just found who I will be trying first with the New Frontiers Pass drops later this week.    

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By Brian MacNamara: You can follow Brian on Twitter Here, when he’s not chatting about Movies and TV, he’ll be talking about International Relations, or the Solar System.

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