Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass – Features Thread

Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass. Image Credit: Firaxis Games.

In this thread we will be documenting all the new additions for Civilization VI in their New Frontier Pass.

This Features Thread is being complied for Civfanaticshead on over to the forums for all your Civilization discussions both for and also for games past.

TL;DR: There will be 6 packs of content, some of it will be paid DLC and some of it will be free content for players. Some of the new content will need to you have Rise and Fall installed, and some will need you to have Gathering Storm installed.

To jump to the different packs go to Maya and Gran Colombia Pack, June Update, Ethiopia Pack, August Update, Byzantium and Gaul Pack, October Update, Pack #4, Pack #5 & Pack #6.

Throughout this thread, I will put links to Wikipedia articles about the different features, if you would like to know more.

Maya and Gran Colombia Pack

Out on May 21st 2020

Gran Colombia

Simón Bolívar leader of Gran Colombia. Image Credit: Firaxis.
Simón Bolívar leader of Gran Colombia. Image Credit: Firaxis.

Civilization LeaderSimón Bolívar
Leader Agenda: Carabobo – He favours civs with highly promoted units, dislikes civs with unpromoted units, and prefers to build Encampments.
Civilization CapitalBogotá
Civilization Bonus: Ejército Patriota – ALL units get +1 movement, Promoting a unit does not end its turn.
Leader Bonus: Campaña Admirable – Grants the Comandante General – A special Great Person that you get at the start of each era that has multiple abilities, that can be used in military (damaging surrounding units), and in cities (extra Trade Route)
Unique Unit: Llanero – Replaces Cavalry. Low maintenance, plus combat bonus for Adjacent Llaneros,
Unique Tile Improvement: Haciendas – plus Gold, Production, Housing, Plus food for adjacent Plantations, Plus production for adjacent Haciendas
Rivers: Arauca River, Apure River, Caroní River, Cauca River, Magdalena River, Meta River, Río Negro, Amazon River & Orinoco River
Mountains: Cordillera Central, Cordillera Occidental, Cordillera Oriental, Guiana Highlands, Cordillera de Mérida, Cordillera de la Costa & Andes
Volcanoes: Chimborazo, Volcán Puracé, Nevado del Tolima, Volcán Cotopaxi, Guagua Pichincha, Tungurahua, Nevado del Ruiz and Galeras
Deserts: La Guajira Desert, Tatacoa Desert & Médanos de Coro
Lakes: Lake Leopoldo, Lake Valencia, Lake Tota, Laguna de la Cocha & Lake Herrera
Seas: Gulf of Darién, Gulf of Venezuela, Gulf of Paria, Gulf of Panama, Caribbean Sea, Lake Maracaibo & Gulf of Guayaquil
CitiesCaracas,  Quito, Guayaquil, Maracaibo, Cartagena de Indias, Panamá, Popayán, Cuenca,  Cumaná, Barinas,  Cali,  Valencia de Carabobo, Santa Marta, Loja, Angostura, Pasto, Nueva Barcelona, Neiva, Mérida, Portoviejo, Riobamba, Ibarra, Riohacha, Quibdó, Nueva Pamplona, Santiago de Veraguas, La Asunción, Achaguas, Honda, Socorro, Mompós, Trujillo, Santa Fe de Antioquia, Pore, Cúcuta, Mariquita, San Fernando de Apure, Medellín & Barquisimeto

Comandante Generals

  • Antonio Jose de Sucre – Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles. Retirement Effect:Instantly creates the strongest unit you can build. This unit receives a free promotion. This unit requires no resource maintenance.
  • Francisco de Paula Santander – +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles. Retirement Effect: Gives a Governor Title. Retirement Effect: +4 Combat Strength to all Heavy and Light Cavalry units within 2 tiles.
  • Santiago Mariño – Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles. Retirement Effect: +4 Combat Strength to all Melee and Anti-Cavalry units within two tiles.
  • Manuel Piar – Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles. Retirement Effect: +7 Combat Strength to a unit.
  • Mariano Montilla – Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles. Retirement Effect: Units within 2 tiles gain +4 Combat Strength vs. District Defenses.
  • José Antonio Páez – Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles. Retirement Effect: +4 Combat Strength to all Heavy and Light Cavalry units within 2 tiles.
  • Antonio Nariño – Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles. Retirement Effect: Increase trade route capacity by 1. Grants a trader unit in the nearest city.
  • Gregor MacGregor – Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles. Retirement Effect: Grants 1 promotion level to a military land unit and Gold equal to the 50% of the purchase cost of the unit.
  • José Félix Ribas – Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles. Retirement Effect: Opposing units within 2 tiles lose 30 HP.
  • Rafael Urdaneta – Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles.Retirement Effect: All your units within 2 tiles regain all their Movement and can attack as if they had not made attacks this turn.


Lady Six Sky leader of The Maya. image credit: Firaxis Games.

Civilization LeaderLady Six Sky
Leader Agenda: Solitary – She dislikes encroaching civs and she tries to keep her cities in a cluster near the capital.
Civilization Capital: Wak Kab’nal 
Civilization Bonus: Mayab – No extra housing from Fresh Water/Coast but Farms provide more housing and gold, Amenities for each Luxury resource adjacent to the City Centre
Leader BonusIx Mutal Ajaw – Cities within 6 tiles of the Capital get a boost to all yearlings, other cities away from this limit get a penalty to yields. Bonus combat strength for units within 6 tiles of the Capital
Unique Unit: Hul’che – Ranged replacement for Archer, Stronger and gets bonus against wounded opponents 
Unique DistrictObservatory – A campus replacement that gets an adjacency bonus from Plantations and Farms.
Rivers: Belize River, Chixoy River, Motagua River, Grijalva River, Samalá River, Hondo River & Usumacinta River
Mountains: Maya Mountains, Guatemalan Highlands, Sierra Madre de Chiapas, Sierra de los Cuchumatanes, Sierra de las Minas
Volcanoes: Hunahpú, Volcán Atitlán, Volcán Tolimán, Pacaya, Chi’gag & Santa María Volcano
Lakes: Lake Izabal, Lake Petén Itzá, Lake Amatitlán & Lake Güjia
Seas: Amatique Bay, Gulf of Honduras, Términos Lagoon, Bay of Campeche & Caribbean Sea
Cities: Palenque, Tikal, Chichen Itza, Uxmal,  Copán, Coba, El Mirador, Calakmul, Xunantunich, Yaxchilan, Yokib, Quirigua, Uaxactun,  Toniná, Kaminaljuyu, Ucanal, Izapa, Comalcalco, Lamanai, Dzibilchaltun, Edzna, Sacul, Becan, Sayil, Mayapan, Dos Pilas, Bonampak, Kabah , Seibal, Izamal, Altar de Sacrificios, Rio Bec, Machaquila, Xtampak, Chinkultic & Xpuhil

Apocalypse Game Mode

New Disasters: A new game mode that includes new disasters like Comet Strikes, Forest Fires, Meteor Showers, Solar Flares, and bigger versions of existing disasters.

Comet Impact:  Smashes into land tiles destroying improvements, units, districts, or even cities in the impact zone. Impacted tiles are replaced with an impassable Comet Lake.

Solar Flares: Affects the entire map. Pillages power-generating districts/buildings/improvements (except the Dam). Damages advanced units (GDRs especially).

New Unit: Soothsayer, can trigger Natural Disasters at the player’s command

New Competition: Appease the Gods: uses the Soothsayer to sacrifice friendly units to Volcanoes

The world enters an Apocalyptic state when climate change reaches its maximum level.


New City-States, Resources & More

3 New Natural Wonders

Bermuda Triangle – +5 Science to adjacent tiles; Naval units that pass through it receive a movement bonus and get teleported to another ocean tile.
Paititi – +# gold +2 Culture to adjacent tiles, Gold bonus on trade routes for the city that controls it, major adjacency bonus for Commercial Hubs and Theater Squares.
Fountain of Youth – +4 Faith + 4 Science, Grants units that pass it a healing buff.

2 New Resources

Maize – Bonus +gold
Honey – Luxury +food

7 New City States

Caguana – Cultural – Suzerain bonus: access to Batey improvement, which grants Culture based on its placement.
Hunza – Trade – Suzerain bonus: Gold bonus for trade route distance.
Lahore – Militaristic – Suzerain bonus: Access to a Faith-purchased combat unit – Nihang – with a unique promotion tree.
Singapore – Industrial – Suzerain bonus: Production bonus for each foreign trade route.
Taruga – Scientific – Suzerain bonus: Science bonus per strategic resource in cities.
Vatican City – Religious – Suzerain bonus: Religious pressure spread when activating Great People.

Mitla – Replaces Palenque 

New Disasters

Forest Fires – Starts in a random Forest/Rainforest and spreads to adjacent Forest/Rainforest/improved plots every turn. Tiles on fire damage units and pillage improvements. Forest/Rainforests grow back with additional bonus yields.
Meteor Shower Pummels unowned land tiles pillaging improvements and damaging units. Exploring impact sites grants players a free Heavy Cavalry unit with no resource upkeep.

Associated Patch


Diplomatic Victory gets an update, resolution change to be equal, Player lose favour for each Occupied Capital, Aid Request penalty for pollution is doubled, Increased Favor penalty for pollution to -1 Favor per 3 pollution more than average (Previously per 5 pollution, capped at -20 per turn from -10).


Anti-Air Combat Strength increased to +7 once formed into Corps and Armies (Fleets, Armadas).

Greatly reduced the chance that City-States will spawn adjacent to Natural Wonders or on top of resources.

Fixed an issue that was allowing aircraft based on Carriers as well as embarked units to count toward the Flanking bonus when attacking.

Unmet players now get a visible pie wedge in the CO2 chart.

Tweaked volcano spawn spread. Volcanoes will no longer spawn adjacent to each other. Large portions of the map are no longer skipped over. 1 volcano per continent is guaranteed. Tweaked mountain spawn locations for more intelligent placement.

Pantheon and other exploits are fixed

June Update

Red Death Season 2

New Factions

Aliens – Get health regeneration – Power: Cloaking Ability (uses units from X-Com)

Zombies – Leader: Brain in a Jar; Power: When you kill a non-zombie unit, you gain more zombies, but all of your units take damage each turn

Updated Factions

Cultists – Power – The Undying Eye: Cultists start the game with a crippled GDR. The GDR starts damaged and does not heal or gain experience normally. The GDR instead earns promotions when units sacrifice themselves to it. These promotions can then be used to return the GDR to full operation status.

Borderlords – Grieving Gift: Deploy a fake supply drop to a given location on the next turn. If another player pops the supply drop, it triggers an explosion at that location.

Jocks – Hail Mary: Small tactical nuke that can be launched from any combat unit. Has a smaller blast radius of 1 hex.

Mutants – Radiant Personalities: Mutants that start their turn in the Red Death absorb 8 Radiation Charges per turn. They spread Red Death to non-Red Death hexes automatically for 1 Radiation Charge per hex. Mutant units do not take fallout damage from mutant spread Red Death.

Preppers – Improvised Traps: Units can build the Improvised Trap that causes damage and the loss of a movement point to any unit that moves onto it. Preppers get 5 Improvised Traps per visit to an unexplored City Ruins, Raider Camp, and Supply Crate. Improvised Traps are invisible to non-Prepper factions.

Pirates – Buried Treasure: Pirates start the game with a Treasure Map to a buried treasure location indicated on their minimap. When a pirate unit of that player reaches the treasure location, the pirate is granted a unit and a new treasure map.

Mad Scientists – Defensive Inertial Shielding: All units can deploy shielding that provides a +10 combat strength while defending. While shielded, the unit has immunity to WMD Blast, Red Death, and Water Poisoning Damage

Wanderers – Road Vision: Grants active visibility on all previously revealed terrain.

Other Additions

Added an Observer Mode and Kick voting

Additional quality of life and AI improvements implemented

Balance Changes

Religion Changes

Cross-Cultural Dialogue – Founder: +1 Science for every 4 followers. (Before +1 Science for every 5 followers of this Religion in other civilizations.)
Dar-E-Mehr – Worship: This building is no longer pillaged by Environmental Effects. Still provides +3 Faith and +1 additional Faith for each Era since constructed or last repaired.
Lady of the Reed and Marshes – Pantheon: +2 Production from Marsh, Oasis, and Desert Floodplains. (Before just +1 Production from Marsh, Oasis, and Desert Floodplains.)
Feed the World – Follower: Shrines and Temple provide +3 Food and +2 Housing each. (Before Shrines and Temples provided Food equal to their Faith output.)
Gurdwara – Worship: Grants +1 Housing, +3 Faith, and +2 Food. (Before just +3 Faith and +2 Food.)
Pagoda – Worship: +3 Faith and +1 Favor (Before +3 Faith and +1 Housing)
Pilgrimage – Founder: +2 Faith for each city following this Religion. (Before +2 Faith for every city following this religion in other civilizations and City-States.)
Religious Community – now International Trade Routes give +1 gold for every temple and shrine in the origin city
Tithe – Founder: +3 Gold for each city following the Religion. (Before +1 Gold for every 4 followers of this Religion.)
Warrior Monks – Follower: Spending Faith to train Warrior Monks. Also, Culture Bomb adjacent tiles when completing a Holy Site. (Before only allowed spending to train Warrior Monks.)
World Church – Founder: +1 Culture for every 4 followers of this Religion. (Before +1 Culture for every 5 followers of this Religion in other civilizations.)
Work Ethic – Follower: Holy Site district’s Faith adjacency bonus provides production as well. (Before just +1% Production for each follower up to 15%)

New Religion Features

Holy Waters – Enhancer: Increases Healing of your religious units by +10 in Holy Site districts belonging to cities with your majority religion, or any adjacent tiles.
Sacred Places – Founder: +2 Science, Culture, Gold and Faith for each city following this Religion that has a World Wonder.

Natural Wonder Changes

Cliffs of Dover – +4 Appeal to adjacent tiles and still provides +3 Culture and +2 Gold for land tiles. (Before just+2 Appeal.)
Eye of Sahara – +2 Production and +1 Science base yield while still providing +3 Science and +1 Production once the game reaches the Atomic Era.
Yosemite – Additional +1 Food while still providing +1 Gold, +1 Science, and +2 Appeal to adjacent tiles.

UI Changes

Ability to change text size of the Chat Panel
Added a Page History for the Civilopedia
Ability to re-size the offers and inventory panels during Diplomacy
Cities now show the actual cost for units not the base cost

Ethiopia Pack

Out in July 23


Menelik II of Ethiopia. Image Credit: Firaxis Games.

Civilization LeaderMenelik II
Leader Agenda: Ethiopian Highlands. Likes Civilizations who build cities away from Hills. Dislikes those who build near Hills. 
Civilization CapitalAddis Ababa
Civilization Bonus: Aksumite Legacy Its cities earn +faith from resources boosted further from international trade routes from resource rich cities. Can purchase Archaeological Museums and Archaeologists with faith.
Leader Bonus: Council of Ministers extra culture and science based on the faith output on cities founded on hills, combat bonus on hills
Unique UnitOromo Cavalry +combat strength +sight, no movement penalties for hills, replaces the courser
Unique ImprovementRock-Hewn Churches built on hills or volcanic soil, can’t be built next to each other + Faith, extra faith from adjacent mountains and hills. Will only ever be pillaged not destroyed by natural disasters. +Tourism with Flight
Rivers: Awash River, Baro River, Blue Nile River, Ganale Dorya River, Shebelle River
Mountains: Ahmar Mountains, Arsi Mountains,
Deserts: Danakil Desert
Cities: Axum, Harar, Gondar, Sodo, Dire Dawa,

Persona Packs

Teddy Roosevelt (Rough Rider) – Leader Bonus: Roosevelt Corollary – Bonus unit strength on home continent, Bonus envoys to city states you have a trade route with, Rough Rider Unit (New Frontier Pass exclusive)
Teddy Roosevelt (Bull Moose) – Leader Bonus: Antiquities and Parks – Breathtaking tiles adjacent to either a Natural Wonder or a Mountain receive +2 Science. Breathtaking tiles adjacent to either a Wonder or Woods receive +2 Culture. All tiles in a city with a National Park are +1 Appeal.
Catherine De Medici – Leader Bonus: Magnificence Catherine – Improved luxury resources get bonus culture if next to Theatre Squares or Chateaux. May initiate the Court Festival project – Bonus culture and tourism based on bonus luxury resources.

Secret Societies Game Mode

When unlocked you will be a unique Governor with four bonuses. You can not change a Secret Society once you have chosen it. AI’s are friendlier to Civs of the same Secret Society.

If you don’t unlock a Secret Society first, you can unlock them through diplomatic levels with a Civ that has already unlocked it.

Any unique Secret Societies building will replace and Civ unique building.

Secret Societies

Hermetic Order:
Initiation: Reveals Ley Lines on the map that give bonus adjacency to districts. (unlocked by finding a Natural Wonder)
Ritual: Allows you to build the Alchemical Society Building a replacement for the University +Great Engineer points, +Great Merchant points, +Production +Gold (unlocked by entering the Medieval Era)
Indoctrination: For every Great Person Ley Lines get +yield of that Great Person (Generals and Admirals give science) (unlocked by entering the Industrial Era)
Master Plan: Unlocks Occult Research, a city project that requires the Campus district. It provides Gold while active. When completed, it grants Great Merchant, Great Scientist, and Great Engineer points. It also grants Science for every Ley Line in the city (unlocked by entering the Atomic Age)

Owls of Minerva:

Initiation: +Economic Policy Slot, bonus envoy at the end of a trade route mission (unlocked by sending an envoy to a City State)
Ritual: Can build the Gilded Vault Building a replacement for the Bank, Give adjacency bonus in culture as well as gold and bonus trade route if you also have a Harbour (unlocked by entering the Medieval Era)
Indoctrination: +Wildcard Policy Slot, +Spies, +Loyalty, +Amenities spies are in home territory (unlocked by entering the Industrial Era)
Master Plan :Whenever an offensive spy mission is successful, you also gain half of the Gold, Faith, Culture, and Science that the targeted city earned that turn. Earn 3% of your Gold treasury as Gold per turn (up to 1000 Gold per turn). (unlocked by entering the Atomic Age)


Initiation: Can build the Old Gods Obelisk, Replaces the Monument, +Faith, +Great Works Slots (unlocked by finding a tribal village)
Ritual: Cities get +Gold, Science and Culture equal to 20% of their per-turn Faith Yield (unlocked by entering the Medieval Era)
Indoctrination: Unlocks the Cultist Unit, purchased with faith, can reduce loyalty in foreign cities with charges, generates Relics of the Void (unlocked by entering the Industrial Era)
Master Plan: Unlocks Dark Summoning a city project that provides lots of Faith while active and raises the power of Cultists on completion (unlocked by entering the Atomic Age)
Relics of the Void: A Journal of Next Year’s Dreams, Chorus of the Drowned, Foundation Stone, Fragment of Akkorokamui, Fungal Spore, Instructions for the Kumanthong, the Book of Dead Names, The Loveless Ones, Vessel of Nyarlathotep

Sanguine Pact:

Initiation: Grants a Vampire Unit in your Capital. (unlocked by destroying a Barbarian Camp)
Ritual: Grants a Vampire Unit in your Capital. Can build Vampire Castles (up to 4). Give defence, bonus yields (from surrounding tiles) and can teleport units between them in later eras. (unlocked by entering the Medieval Era)
Indoctrination: Grants a Vampire Unit in your Capital. Vampires intimidate adjacent units, lowers pillaging cost. (unlocked by entering the Industrial Era)
Master Plan: Grants a Vampire Unit in your Capital. Player can airlift between Vampire Castles. (unlocked by entering the Atomic Age)
Vampire: +combat strength from adjacent fallen enemies, don’t die but retreat with 1hp that needs to be healed (but if you kill them in their castles they die for good).

You can only have up to 4 Vampires and 4 Vampire Castles (unlocked with each Governor Bonus)

New District

Diplomatic Quarter – Grants Diplomatic Favour from Delegations and Embassies, +1 Envoy if built next to the City Centre, Spies have reduced effectiveness on this and adjacent districts, can only build one per empire.

Consulate: +Influence Points per turn, reduces spies effectiveness in this city and cities with Encampments
Chancery: +Influence Points per turn, bonus science when you capture/kill an enemy spy

Envoy Bonuses Changes:

At 1 Envoy, you get +1 yield in your capital and on matching Tier 1 buildings. At 3 Envoys, you get +2 yield on the Consulate and matching Tier 2 buildings. At 6 Envoys, you get +3 yield on the Chancery and matching Tier 3 buildings.


Added information to the Espionage pop-up that calculates mission success probabilities.

August Update

Map Generation

Natural Wonder Picker – In the World Generation page you select which Natural Wonders can and can not appear.

Game Mode

Tech and Civic Shuffle Mode

This will hide the locations of each tech and civic as well as randomising the prerequisites.

Balance Fixes

Map Changes

Forest & Jungle Fires will burn longer.

Civilization Changes

Scotland – The Golf Course gives a bonus Amenity

District Changes

Government Plaza:

Foreign Ministry gives 3 diplomatic favour/turn as well.
Grand Masters Chapel now also gives +5 faith/turn

Theatre Square:

Gains major adjacency from Entertainment District and Water Park

Unit Changes

Naturalist: re-balanced in line with Rock Bands

Amenities System Changes

Revolt is now at -8 or less
Ecstatic is at +5 of more

Negative penalties are harsher (but revolt isn’t as harsh)
Free amenities for city are gone.Palace gives 1.

Byzantium and Gaul Pack

Out in September


Basil II of Byzantium in Civilization VI. Image Credit: Firaxis Games.

Civilization LeaderBasil II
Leader Agenda: Divine Guardian Likes civs following the same religion
Civilization CapitalConstantinople
Civilization Bonus: Taxis Combat units and Religious units get a combat bonus for each Holy City Converted to Byzantium’s Religion. Byzantium’s Region is spread by defeating enemy units. Bonus Great Prophet points in cities with a Holy Site.
Leader BonusPorphyrogénnétos. Cavalry units do full damage against cities following the same religion as Byzantium.
Unique UnitDromon – bonus range and attack than the Quadrireme that it replaces
Unique UnitTagma – Bonus combat or religious attack to units next to it, replaces the knight.
Unique District: Hippodrome Replaces the Entertainment District and is cheaper to build. Bonus Heavy Cavalry unit for each district and building constructed.
Rivers: Meander River, Prut River
Cities: Thessalonica, Adrianople, Nicaea, Antioch, Nicomedia, Trebizond, Ancyra, Edessa, Sinope, Amaseia, Cherson, Dyrrachium, Nicopolis, Seleucia, Iconium, Melitene, Bari, Dorylaeum, Amorium, Koloneia, Tyana, Attalea, Sebasteia, Theodosiopolis, Mesembria, Arcadiopolis, Mount Athos, Dorystolon & Zara


Ambiorix of Gaul. Image Credit: Firaxis Games.

Civilization LeaderAmbiorix
Leader Agenda: Scourge of Rome Likes civs with militaries with numerous units. Dislikes those with few units.
Civilization CapitalAduatuca
Civilization Bonus: Hallstatt Culture Mines provide a major adjacency to all districts, Mines give a culture bomb to unowned tiles and bonus culture. Districts do not receive a bonus for being next to each other and can not be built next to the City Centre
Leader BonusKing of the Ebrones – Building Military units gives you a culture boost, bonus to melee combats strength for neighbouring units.
Unique UnitGaesatae – Replaces the Warrior, Bonus to combat strength when attacking higher tech units and district defences, costs more to build.
Unique DistrictOppidum – An Industrial Zone replacement that comes earlier in the Tech Tree and has the ability to do a ranged attack. Unlocks Apprenticeship when the first is built.
Rivers: Aisne River
Lakes: Lake Neuchâtel
Mountains: Cévennes & Eifel Mountains
Cities: Bibrax, Noviodunum, Samarobriva, Durocorteron, Ratumacos, Tervanna, Bagacum, Divodurum, Alesia, Avaricum, Lisieux, Lutetia, Lugudunon, Cenabum, Meledunum, Turones, Autricum, Bibracte, Darioritum, Uxellodunum, Gergovia, Vesontio, Brenodurum, Crociatonum, Agedincum, Limonum, Andematunnum, Condate, Aregenua, Anicium & Ruscino

New Game Mode

Dramatic Ages – There is only Golden and Dark Ages. You get access to new policy cards that replace dedications. Bonus Era Score is add to Loyalty pressure it can also cause cities to immediately rebel. You will lose at least one city per Dark Age (never your capital) and they will work with those from the least loyalty pressure up.

Georgia – You can now use Dark Ages policy cards during a Golden Age, an extra Wildcard Slot


Biosphère – Increases appeal on Marsh and Rainforest tiles, [GS] Boosts power and Tourism. [Van & R&F] Bonus science for Marsh, Rainforest, or Woods tile.

Statue of Zeus – Grants 3 Archers, 3 Spearmen, and a Battering Ram. Bonus to production of Anti-Cavalry Unites. Must be built on flat land next to an Encampment with a Barracks. + Gold.

New Map Script

The Highlands – dominated by hills and mountain ranges with large lakes rather than oceans or seas

City States

Venice Replaces Antioch, keeps its bonus

October Update

Pirates Scenario

1-4 players and can be played on a custom built map, or a random map script over 60 turns

You play as one of 4 different Pirate Factions, each with an Active and Passive Ability:

Dread PirateActive: Walk the Plank – Immediately sinks a badly damaged ship +5 Movement +5 Combat strength for 5 turns; Passive: Fightn’ is what we do Best – +Gold when any unit engages in combat
PrivateerActive: Bring Her Home – You can capture a badly damaged ship and turn it over to your patron for +100 gold and +5 Infamy; Passive: Letter of Marque – you can see all ports owned by your patron and gives you a bonus to pillaging trade routes
SwashbucklerActive: Tack Into the Wind – A significant temporary movement boost; Passive: Sailing the Open Seas – you get infamy for revealing more hexs of the map
HoarderActive: Chain Shot – Can temporarily anchor another unit in place; Passive Mine! Mine! Mine! – Lowers unit maintenance, gives bonus to buried treasure, and bonus interest on their gold reserves

There will be 4 civs battling along with you

BritishPort Royal, Nassau, Eleuthera, Grand Bahama, Nevis,
SpanishNombre de Dios, Rio de la Hacha, Maracaibo,
FrenchPetit Goave, Tortuga, Florida Keys, Leogané,
DutchSt. Martin, Curacao, Saba, St. Eustatius,

Treasure Fleets – every few turns a treasure fleet from one of the above will leave from a random port with great riches but also heavy defence

Buccaneers – Replace barbarians, spawn from Buccaneer Camps which can be pillaged but if you do they spawn an Infamous Pirate


Shore Party
Treasure Escort


You can find Relics in the game that can be used like policy slots to improve you Pirates

Blackbeard’s Short Fuse – Naval unit attacks reduce enemies movement
Captain William Kidd’s Journal – 50% chance of finding an additional Treasure Map when visiting a Tavern
Crates of Rum – +Gold Per Turn
Dowsing Rod – Every Ship can see the Closest Treasure in 20 Hexs
L’olonnais’ Cutlery – Gain gold based on the combat strength of your defeated units
Singing Topmen – Reduces maintenance

Ships Special Abilities:

These are used in lieu of being able to use cities like normal

Capture Boat – Consume Crew to capture a heavily damaged ship and add it to your fleet
Careening – uses up all available movement to heal the ship (the more movement points the more healing)
Visit Tavern – next to a port you can use this to recruit crew and discover a new quest


The winner of the scenario is the one with this highest score, which is based on how well you did Fighting and gaining treasure and infamy.

Balance Changes

Recruit Partisans Espionage Mission – Now Pillages the Neighbourhood, and only spawns anti-cavalry

Game Speed Scaling – more features (like Favour cost) now scale with the speed

AI Behaviour

City Defences – Repairing City Defences is now more important to the AI

Diplomatic Favour – decreased its value to the AI

Districts – Civilizations without a Religion Focus will be discouraged from building Holy Sites over other districts first

Wonders – Increased the value of some world wonders (the Oracle and The Pyramids) for the AI to build

Pack #4

Out in November

New Civilization

New Leader


New Game Mode

New Great People

New City-States

Pack #5

Out in January


Kublai Khan


New Game Mode

New District/Buildings

Pack #6

Out in March



New Game Mode

New World Wonders

New Map

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