Hammurabi of Babylon First Look and Analysis – Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass

TL;DR: There has been a dearth of perfect science civs … that is until now.

We are getting a new expansion for Civilization VI, well not quite, over the next year we have a season pass, the New Frontier Pass, which will give us several new Civilizations and Game Modes over the next year (which you can find out more information HERE). The next new Civilization has been released so let’s dive into Babylon.

Hammurabi of Babylon. Image Credit: Firaxis Games.

Hammurabi of Babylon Overview

Civilization LeaderHammurabi
Leader Agenda:
Civilization CapitalBabylon
Civilization BonusAnuma Anu Enlil – Eurekas provide the full tech, but you only make 50% of the available Science each turn
Leader BonusNinu Ilu Sirum – When you build a type of Specialty District for the first time it comes with the tier-1 building, all other Districts give a free envoy when built for the first time.
Unique Unit: Sabum Kibittum – Bonus movement, sight, and damage against Cavalry units
Unique BuildingPalgum – Bonus housing and production. All freshwater tiles gain bonus food, must be built next to a river.
CitiesOpisKarkarMariMalgiumRapiqum, Kar-Shamash,

Hammurabi of Babylon Analysis

Well, let’s attack the elephant in the room head-on (note I do not recommend you attack the elephant in the room head-on in real life and instead find a way to exit the room and not respond to the elephant at all). Babylon might have the most ridiculous Civilization Bonus in the game so far. I mean I can already see the YouTube video titles of people freaking out already. Getting the whole technology when you get a Eureka, massively changes how the game is played. While I am sure the fact that you get 50% less science-per-turn is a good

This Science bonus means that for Babylon, Eurekas are no longer optional and you should be going for them as quick as you can. I can already see scenarios where you could be rocking Crossbowmen very early in the game if you plan it well. However, in my experience, Eurekas are easy to get in the early game and the late game, but a lot more work in the middle, given some room to manoeuvre for other civilizations. Also, it will likely mean that you will be the target of every spy in the game.

Sabum Kibittum, good for that horse-barbarian rush. Image Credit: Firaxis Games.

To go with this, we have the Leader Bonus that gives you a free tier-one building when you build a district for the first time, plus a free envoy for the first time you build a non-speciality Districts. This bonus is also is going to provide Babylon with a significant boost in that early game. It will make getting a Religion that little bit easier, it will mean getting that coveted great scientist will be that little bit easier, and extra Envoys are always good. You would think that you may want to go with Divine Spark as the pantheon to really make this work. However, it is only the first time you build a District of that type, so it is not a huge bonus.  

The other bonuses are nice but not a whole lot to write home about. The unique unit is a buffed spearman that has similar upgrades to Nubia’s Unique archers. It is a fine unit and will be a good thing to have when you inevitably have a horse-barbarian camp disgorge near you.  The waterwheel replacement is also lovely, and I can see it being a big boost if you have a lot of flood plains nearby.

Overall, this is a fascinating new addition to Civilization VI, and it is also the last holdout of the Civilization I civilizations that have been in every game so far. Of course, now I will be thinking about how the hell I am going to fit them in my map. But also currently the only outstanding civilization from past games that is missing is Portugal. So will the New Frontier Pass be the last addition for Civilization VI? Let me know what you think in the comments below.  

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