Explore It – University of Queensland Bloom Festival

TL;DR – Today I explore the University of Queensland Bloom Festival, the festival where purple was king, which should be no surprise if you have ever taken a medieval art history class before

The University of Queensland Bloom Festival. Image Credit Brian MacNamara



Every year here in Brisbane the University of Queensland turns purple as the Jacarandas come out to bloom. It is a beautiful time of year unless you are a university student in which case it heralds the coming of exams and the onslaught of rumours about what happens if you get hit by the falling flowers. We explored the flowering time last year with our walk around the UQ St. Lucia campus (see here), however, this year they have expanded on the Jacarandas with the UQ Bloom Festival, and today we get the chance to explore the Jacarandas after dark.

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