Countdown – Bottom 5 Films of 2015

This was a great year for cinema but as always there are a number of really bad films that get dumped out there, some of which even make money. So what were my 5 worse films of 2015 and how many times does Adam Sandler appear, let’s find out.

Pixels. Image Credit: Sony.
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Movie Review – Paul Blart Mall Cop 2

TL;DR – A waste of time for all involved, especially the audience

Score – 1 out of 5 stars

Paul Blart Mall Cop 2. Image Credit: Sony.


So I walked into the movies and saw this and thought “I think I remember the first film, and as I recall I think I liked it” and hey it is cheap movie day what is there to lose, well 90 minutes of your life for one.

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