Flowers of Gladstone

TL;DR – We explore all the beautiful flowers I came across during my recent trip to Gladstone.

Flowers of Gladstone

Earlier this week, it was the Day of the Wattle here in Australia, and with that in mind, I thought I would share some photos of flowers I took on my recent trip to Gladstone, on the central coast of Queensland.

Pigeon Pea (Cajanus cajan).
Pigeon Pea (Cajanus cajan). Image Credit: Brian MacNamara.

We begin our tour with the humble Pigeon Pea (Cajanus cajan), more known for the titular legume/pea used in cooking from India to across the world. However, I adore its small yet profoundly yellow flower and its juxtaposition with the red seed pods.

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Explore It – Gladstone

TL;DR – Today, I take a wander around Gladstone and its many surroundings.  

Disclosure – I was not paid to visit any of the locations shown here, and all Queensland Government COVID requirements were followed, including the use of masks.

Exploring Gladstone

In this Covid world, one of the hardest parts has been the isolation from friends and family, I know people have had it worse, but I have had to cancel family get-togethers five times because of surprise lockdowns. To the point that it has become a running joke with my friends every time there is a lockdown. Well, there was a moment of stability (not that there wasn’t a scare the week before that made me think it would all unravel again). So, when you have the chance, you take it, and with that came the exploration of the many faces of Gladstone.

From Brisbane, Gladstone is about a six to ten-hour drive depending on the time of day, whether you get stuck behind a caravan/boat that only gets up to speed in the overtaking lane, and how many stops you can make. For safety, you should be making stops to rest, and our first one was at the town of Tiaro. We stopped here because you can get a mean burger, but also because their butcher is known all up the highway for its bacon, which will become important later. It also has the oddness of having a pedestrian crossing over the main northern highway in Queensland, the Bruce.   

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