Map-It Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass – Pirates Scenario

TL;DR – All hands hoay, for we have a map to buried booty, all ye need to do is hoist the mainsail and let not the crown nor man catch yee.

Map-It Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass - Pirates Scenario. Image Credit: Brian MacNamara.

Pirates Scenario Map –

Today the good people at Firaxis Games released a new scenario for Civilization VI that harkened back to the old Sid Meier’s Pirates!

I will say one small thing, there is one city missing, and I am sorry, but there be no Gibraltar here, this felt like a map that would not have inserts for some reason.

Well, it might not be a full update to the game, but who am I to stare down a good map and not pull out the canvas and ink quill. So set sail on the open seas, enjoy the map of the Pirates Scenario and always remember that X Marks the spot.

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